2300 Specifications

Built to work. Built to last.

The Pitbull 2300 portable soil screener is designed and built to be the toughest, most reliable dirt screen in America. With heavy-duty components, dependable hydraulics, reliable engines and complete portability, our signature soil screener, the Pitbull 2300, can’t be beat.

Heavy Duty Construction
The frame is constructed of high-quality structural, tube steel, which reduces vibration and noise while decreasing susceptibility to cracks and structural failure that can happen with C-channel construction common on inexpensive soil screener machines. The frame is fully gusseted at all stress points and is 100% welded. Attachment points are robust as well, with welded heavy-duty steel.

Dependable Hydraulics
The heart of the fully hydraulic Sauer-Danfoss system is a variable displacement axial piston pump, which is supported by Aeroquip fittings and hoses. These components are readily available at most supply houses and are backed by manufacturers’ warranties. Other system components include a 45-gallon reservoir with a spin-on filter and oil cooler.

World-Class Yanmar Power
The Pitbull 2300 dirt screen is reliably driven by a world-class 4-cylinder, 47 HP, Tier 4 Yanmar Diesel power plant. The engine features a heavy-duty, dual-element, dry-type air cleaner and a 24-gallon fuel tank for long on-site run times without refueling. The locking engine compartment is fully enclosed and opens wide at the top and bottom to provide easy access to the engine and hydraulics.

*For applications where diesel power is not ideal, we offer a powerful 60hp AC electric motor alternative.

The Pitbull 2300 is easily prepared for towing or operation with a power assisted hydraulic axle and park jack. Users can simply lower the unit for on-site operation or lower the axle and park jack to prepare for towing. Either complete process can be achieved in 15 minutes or less. The Pitbull 2300 dirt screen includes a standard pintle hitch arrangement or an optional gooseneck for fifth wheel towing.

Versatile Screens
The Pitbull 2300 features an upper and lower screening deck. This feature enables up to three sizes of screened material when used with our optional screening chutes. Each deck features over 41 square feet of screen surface area on two removable screens. The large surface area is designed to accommodate the high output that is the hallmark of our signature soil screener. Additionally, the shaker action can be quickly reversed to help break up stubborn material and debris.

Quick Change Screens
Changing screens is easily accomplished by loosening four tension bolts on the loading side of each screen tier and can be done in 30 minutes or less. Various sized screens are available and will fit in the back of a pickup truck. All screens are custom made in the USA to Pitbull specifications.

Easy Setup and Control
The self-contained control panel enables the operator to monitor all critical engine functions from the same location as the unit it controlled. Lever actuated operation controls setup and towing prep, shaker speed and screen direction. The ability to reverse the screen direction is a unique feature.

High Output Conveyors
Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic drive motors are the secret to our high-output conveyor configuration. No chains to rob power or break, just a continuous flow of power. Incorporating a separate transfer conveyor at the bottom of the shaker hopper to feed the stacking conveyor further enhances the process and enables production rates of up to 100 yards per hour.

A major advantage of the Pitbull 2300 soil screener is the hydraulically adjustable stacking conveyor. With stockpile heights from four feet, six inches to 13 feet, make it easy to load any type of haul vehicle or trailer and allow you to move the machine less when stockpiling on the ground.

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