Pitbull Grizzley

The Pitbull PB148 Static Grizzly

Pitbull Grizzley, a quality, easy to use, Heavy Duty Static Grizzly. Built to last.

Check these features:






  • Built with Pitbull’s rugged, tubular frame construction
  • 10’ tip height. Compatible with any material handler capable of 10’
    dump height
  • Comes standard from factory with 18 bars set to 4” minus spacing
  • Easy to transport & position using standard “D” ring lift lugs
  • Quick easy bar removal utilizing 2 bolts per bar, swap bars in
    minutes. Additional bars available for a smaller opening if required
  • Bars are 3” square steel tubes with full 3/8” wall thickness
  • 1” spacing on bar placement holes. 3/4” square head bolts secure
    bars, one at each end. Bolts pass completely thru bar & support
  • Structure built to last. Operating weight 6,487 pounds
  • Large access opening under screen deck for easy material removal
  • Expansive deck area. Measures 132” deep,168” long and 120” high
  • Economical to own and virtually no maintenance

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