Sometimes one screen can’t do it all. For heavy duty screening, it is important to have the right tools to get the job done. That’s where a Pitbull Grizzly can help. Grizzly screens are made to do the heavy separating and make your material screening more efficient. Here is everything you need to know about Grizzly screens.


What is a Grizzly Screen?

Unlike your regular topsoil screeners, Grizzly screens, sometimes referred to as rock screeners or rock Grizzlys, are static rock separators which are used to pre-screen bulkier loads. Set on an incline, large material slides out of the way separating larger debris that would otherwise pile atop or damage your screen.

The secret are the industrial quality Grizzly bars. Set parallel to each other and secured by thru bolts, Grizzly bars are strong enough to withstand the extreme pressure and force from larger debris, allowing smaller materials to fall through and be used later. Adjustable Grizzly bars offer an easy way to sort materials for the size of your project.


When would I use a Grizzly Screen?

Stop feeding your topsoil screener oversized material. You’ve seen it before, large rocks or debris can pile up as you screen, blocking materials from efficiently passing through. A material blockage could ruin your screens, causing early replacement of your topsoil screens and put a stop to your production line. This problem could cost you – in lost production and penalties for project delays. When processing material in a variety of sizes, Grizzly screens are the perfect solution.

Larger material to screen – If you’re handling a load with rocks and rubble in a variety of sizes, Grizzly screens are perfect for sizing and sorting materials into what you need to crush and what you can use.

Heavy debris – Grizzly bars were made to handle the heavy impact of large materials that you worry might damage your soil screener. (If you don’t think your screener can handle what you’re throwing at it, check out our line of soil screeners built tough and made to last.)

Too much, too fast – No one wants rocks piling up on their soil screener. The inclined framing of a Grizzly Screen helps cull the larger debris, so that your oversized pile ends up on the ground, not on your screen.

Efficient screening – Get your profits screened and off the ground quicker. This pre-screening tool is self-cleaning, helping to speed up production, and is one step toward streamlining your soil screening process.


Why a Pitbull Grizzly Screen?

For your toughest projects, there is a rock screener just for you. Pitbull’s Grizzly screens are made from structural steel and can handle some of the roughest jobs. Tough on material but easy to use and transport, here are just a few reasons why you will love our Grizzly screens.

Callouts to the features and benefits of the Pitbull Grizzly including easy transport and bar change.

Strong steel bars – Our Grizzly bars are made from structural steel tubes. The square tubes are built with 3/16” to 3/8” wall (depending on the application) structural steel and are angled for efficient screening – and easier clean up.

Heavy-duty support frame – Angled at an incline, our full welded steel frame has a reinforced foundation to handle your heaviest loads.

Easy to transport – Welded “D” rings are strategically positioned on both sides of our Grizzly for convenient transportation.

Adjustable Grizzly bar spacing – Pitbull’s Grizzly bars can be removed and repositioned to several settings as small as 1/2” apart, allowing for small or large openings.

Right size for your project – Our Pitbull Grizzlys come in three standard sizes designed to meet your project needs. Check out the specs for our PB678 and PB6710, our smaller rock grizzlys sitting at 8 or 10 feet wide. For your larger projects and equipment, our PB148 works with any material handler capable of a minimum 10-foot dump height.


From large bank gravel to demolition debris, there is a Pitbull Grizzly made to suit your versatile screening needs. Learn about all of our soil screeners or see for yourself how a Pitbull can change your soil screening game.

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