Pitbull Grizzly Screens

Easy to use and built to last, our tough Grizzly screens come in a variety of sizes to match your project. All bars are adjustable to provide large or small openings for materials, while offering a large space for material to collect.


Pitbull PB148 Static Grizzly Screen

Our largest gravel screener works with any material handler with a 10 foot dump height. The 3 inch square steel tubes are 3/8 of an inch thick and able to handle your roughest materials.

Pitbull PB127 Grizzly Static Screener

Pitbull PB127 Static Grizzly Screen

Standing 7’10” at its highest point the PB 127 Grizzly screener comes standard with 18 bars set at 4 inches apart.

Pitbull PB106 Static Grizzly Screen

Our PB106 grizzly screener stands 7 feet at its highest point and can stand up to the toughest material, from coarse gravel to demolition debris.

Pitbull PB86 Static Grizzly Screen

Compatible with any material handler with an 7 foot dump height, the PB86 Static Grizzly has a strong structure with 2 inch square steel tube bars of ¼ and inch thickness.

We have two Pitbull 5700 screeners ready to ship! Invest with your 179 tax credit.