Pitbull Ground Conveyor

The Pitbull Ground Conveyor is adjustable to meet your project’s height requirements. It is designed to be static and requires equipment to move the unit. As with all Pitbull conveyors, it shares the robust head and tail pulleys to assist in smooth operation for optimal production.

Designed to work in conjunction with Pitbull 2300 series screeners and Pitbull Radial Stacker.

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High Output – Gear-rotor hydraulic drive motors and a strong channel frame with Pitbull Torque tube reinforcement help to increase production rates of up to 100 yards per hour of clean, salable material.

Adjustable – Our Ground Conveyer adjusts to 4, 6, and 9-foot heights.

Versatile – Used with the Pitbull 2300 series plants our ground conveyor completes the “System” for multiple material production (three-way split) or may be used as a means of automating moving tons of material around the jobsite with optional on-board power.


Belt: 4” CEMA B 20-degree uneven troughing rollers form tough conveyor belt bed
Belt Size:  Smooth 2ply vulcanized belt 20’ long, 30” wide
Frame: Rugged “C” channel bed frame mounted on structural tube carrier frame

9” lagged head pulley and 9” herringbone tail pulley run on 1-15/16” shafts

Belt take up adjusters on tail pulley

Standard With: 

Hydraulic Torque Motors

Adjustable stack height

Greaseable pillow block bearings


Optional gas or diesel self-contained power units

Optional Electric motor drive in head pulley

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