Pitbull Radial Stacker Conveyor

The Pitbull Radial Stacker Conveyor is adjustable to meet your project’s height requirements. Robust head and tail pulley’s assist in a smooth operation for optimal production.

Designed to work with Pitbull 2300 series screen plants.

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High Output – Gear-rotor hydraulic drive motors, a strong channel frame with Pitbull Torque Tube reinforcement, and roller bed construction, help to maintain production rates of up to 100 yards per hour of clean, salable material.

Adjustable – Our Radial Stacker Conveyor adjusts for 5, 7, and 10-foot tip heights. Carrier frame has two wheel positions: narrow for towing and telescopic for more stability under load.

Portability – Pintle ring hitch makes towing or repositioning our conveyor quick and easy.

Belt: 4” CEMA B 20-degree uneven troughing rollers form tough conveyor belt bed
Belt Size: Smooth 2ply vulcanized belt 20’ long, 30” wide

9” lagged head pulley and 9” herringbone tail pulley run on 1-15/16” shafts

Belt take up adjusters on tail pulley

Tires: 15” tires on steel wheels with 6 bolt hub
Standard with:

Hydraulic Torque Motors are standard

Adjustable stack height


Optional gas or diesel self-contained power units

Optional Electric motor drive in head pulley

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