Request a Product Demo

Request a demo of one of our Pitbull products, see it in action and even keep the material – without buying our machine.


How Does the Product Demo Work?

  • Your preferred Pitbull product will be transported from our factory to your worksite; all you have to do is pay freight, both to and from your destination.
  • We will run the machine until enough material is produced to cover that freight cost.
  • If you decide you don’t want the Pitbull, we will arrange to freight the machine back to our headquarters and leave you the product to sell. Return freight will be charged to you.

Requirements for Demo Eligibity

  1.  A completed and signed credit application for account/financing is required from the intended prospect and an open account approved.
  2. Insurance of some type (usually in the form of a rider) must be in place before any equipment leaves the factory. This rider must name Pitbull Screeners as loss/payee in the event that any damage, theft, fire or any other form of destructive incident should occur while in the possession of the requestor. A copy of the proof of insurance must be sent to Pitbull Screeners.
  3. Requested product will be shipped by an independent freight company on behalf of Pitbull Screeners. The freight is collect to you, the requestor, and will be a separate billing arrangement between you and the freight company. The freight company will need a contact name and number and will contact you to verify delivery location and off-loading capability. This is essential to determine the type of delivery equipment required.

Please fill out the following form and downloadable credit application.

Send credit application to sforadora@pitbullscreeners.comOr print and mail to: Pitbull Screeners – 9843 Martin Avenue Lake City, PA 16423

We have two Pitbull 5700 screeners ready to ship! Invest with your 179 tax credit.