Pitbull Portable Screeners

All Pitbull direct feed, severe duty screeners are designed and built in America using the highest quality materials available. With heavy duty construction, quick-change and versatile screens and easy control panel access, you’ll wonder how you’ve been doing your job without a Pitbull.


Pitbull 2300 Portable Screener

The original Pitbull Screener, the Pitbull 2300 is equipped with a 74 HP diesel engine and built-in conveyer system that makes getting the job done efficient and easy.

Pitbull 2300B Portable Screener

Smaller in size, the Pitbull 2300B is as tough a machine as our other screeners but in a smaller box screener design and lighter weight that can be easily towed with a class 3 truck.

Pitbull 5700 Direct Feed Severe Duty Screener

Our biggest machine, screen more with our 10’ x 7’ 2-tier screen box and 60” wide conveyor system.

Pitbull 2300P Portable Screener

The propane powered Pitbull 2300P screener is equipped with a 48 HP convertible propane and natural gas engine. This heavy duty screener meets EPA pollution demands and comes standard with all 2300 features.

Pitbull 2300E Portable Screener

Our electric Pitbull, a Powerful AC electric motor drives the high torque, hydraulic-driven conveyors and shaker table.

Pitbull 2300B-D Portable Screener

Our diesel powered box screener, the Pitbull 2300B-D, comes with a powerful, efficient diesel engine and smaller, lighter weight design that brings efficient, productive and economical screening.