Pitbull Portable Topsoil Screeners

All commercial soil screeners for sale by Pitbull are built in America using the highest quality materials available. With heavy duty construction, easy-to-change screens and an accessible control panel, you’ll wonder how you’ve been doing your job without a Pitbull power screener. No detail has been overlooked in an effort to increase material output and speed of operation while decreasing maintenance and downtime. 


Pitbull 2300 Topsoil Screener

The original Pitbull Screener, the Pitbull 2300 is equipped with a 74 HP diesel engine and built-in conveyer system that makes getting the job done efficient and easy.

Pitbull 2300B Topsoil Screener

Smaller in size, the Pitbull 2300B is as tough a machine as our other dirt screeners but in a smaller box screener design and lighter weight that can be easily towed with a class 3 truck.

Pitbull 5700 High Power Screening Plant

Employ our biggest machine and screen more! With a 10’ x 7’ 2-tier screen box and 60” wide conveyor system, this the 5700 is geared toward the large contractor and top tier aggregate markets.

Pitbull 2300P Topsoil Screener

The Pitbull 2300P runs on propane power! It is equipped with a 48 HP convertible propane and natural gas engine. This heavy duty screener meets EPA pollution demands and comes standard with all 2300 features.

Pitbull 2300E TOPSOIL Screener

In our electric Pitbull topsoil screen, a Powerful AC electric motor drives the high torque, hydraulic-driven conveyors and shaker table.

Pitbull 2300B-D TOPSOIL Screener

Our diesel powered box screener, the Pitbull 2300B-D, comes with a powerful, efficient diesel engine and smaller, lighter weight design that brings efficient, productive and economical screening.

We have two Pitbull 5700 screeners ready to ship! Invest with your 179 tax credit.