Why a Pitbull Portable Screener?

Every feature of Pitbull screeners and conveyors are designed for maximum material output and reliability. Consider our:


Made of heavy-duty structural tube, I-beam and C-channel steel, 100% welded for extra strength at attachment and stress points.


Designed for easy towing from site to site and hydraulically powered for raising and lowering to operating position.  The complete process can be achieved in 15 minutes or less.  Towing options include the standard pintle hitch or optional gooseneck for fifth wheel towings.

Power Options

Dependable, continuous hydraulics on the Pitbull 2300 and conveyors. Propane powers our Pitbull 2300P as a cleaner, more cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel.


Quick-change screens for soil, mulch, asphalt, stone and gravel. Plus, the 2300 offers a stacking conveyor that adjusts hydraulically from 7 feet, 6 inches to 13 feet to feed material directly into a truck or trailer.

Stacking Conveyors

A continuous flow of power moves material quickly and reliably. With torque tube reinforcement and adjustable stack height our conveyors are the secret to making you money, fast.

With dependable and heavy-duty feeders, Grizzly screens, and conveyors, we have everything you need for your operation to make screening easy.

Pitbull screeners can consistently outperform with anything on the market and achieve more salable material for you. Find out for yourself by requesting a demo to be delivered to your worksite

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We have two Pitbull 5700 screeners ready to ship! Invest with your 179 tax credit.