Pitbull PB127 Static Grizzly Screen

The PB127, a Grizzly screener made for hard work and tough applications.

Our heavy frame constructed from structural steel tube assures our Pitbull Grizzly will stand up to the toughest applications, from shot rock to demolition debris. Standing 7’10” at its highest point this Grizzly comes standard with 18 bars set at 4 inches apart. Two clamps lock in each bar. Bars can be easily removed or added in minutes for a larger or smaller opening. Our bars are set on edge to promote a self-cleaning action, minimizing the probability of material lodging between bars.

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Strong Steel Bars – Bars are 3-inch square heavy 3/8” wall structural steel tubes.

Support Frame – A robust, fully welded and reinforced rigid foundation from structural steel.

Easy to Transport – Easily transport and position your Grizzly screener with the help of “D” ring lift lugs.

Adjustable Bar Spacing – 1” spacing on bar placement holes. Unique end. Studs pass completely thru bar & support retained with a ¾” locking nut.

Height: 7′ 10″ at Highest Tip
Deck Size: 81” Deep, 144” Long, 94” High
Operating Weight 4,905 lbs

18 Bars set 4” Apart

3” square structural steel tubes, 3/8” thick walls

Standard with: Welded “D” Rings Strategically Placed for Easy Handling

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