Pitbull PB86 Static Grizzly Screen

The Pitbull Grizzly gravel screener is the perfect solution to removing large debris before final screening. Our PB86 stands 7 feet at its highest point and can stand up to the toughest material, from rocks to demolition rubble.

The PB86 rock grizzly comes standard with 18 bars set at 2-1/2 inches apart. Just like our PB148, two bolts lock in each bar but can be easily removed or added in minutes for a larger or smaller opening. Our bars are set on edge to promote a self-cleaning action, appearing as a diamond-shaped bar minimizing the probability of material lodging between bars.

Also available in larger size (PB148).

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Strong Steel Bars – Bars are 2-inch square heavy 1/4” wall structural steel tubes.

Support Frame – A robust, fully welded and reinforced rigid foundation from structural steel.

Easy to Transport – Easily transport and position your Grizzly screener with the help of “D” ring lift lugs.

Adjustable Bar Spacing – Pitbull’s Grizzly Bars can be removed and replaced in several settings from 1/2” thru 10” spacing in the arrangement of your choosing. The Grizzly Bar locating holes are spaced in 1” increments, allowing for small or large openings.

Height: 7′ at Highest Tip
Deck Size: 72” Deep, 100” Long, 84” High
Operating Weight 2,640 lbs

18 Bars set 2-1/2” Apart

2” square structural steel tubes with 1/4” thick walls

Standard with: Welded “D” Rings Strategically Placed for Easy Handling

We have two Pitbull 5700 screeners ready to ship! Invest with your 179 tax credit.